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Bolt Lighting Rental was founded by Matthew Stouppe and Ryan Thomas in 2016. We’ve grown from our humble beginnings as owner/operators in 2011, working inside an old naval warehouse to now being Bolt Lighting Rental, a full service rental house in Berkeley, CA.

1 Ton Grip Truck Custom Milk Crate Labels We started Bolt Lighting Rental after using our competitors equipment for years, deciding we could do better. The start was organization. We had watched it play out so many times, the equipment was on the truck, but no one could find it. We started with two very simple solutions: With every rental, the gear on the truck is always in the same place and it’s labeled! Such a simple idea, but no one was doing it. We did it and went the extra mile to make it look good.

Once that was taken care of we worked to figure out how we could streamline our basic operations. We had prepped trucks and equipment at other rental houses, we knew it was slow, inefficient, and costly. Now that our trucks were standardized we looked for a way to capitalize on that and eventually found iAuditor. This allowed us to create digital checklists for the trucks that would guide our prep techs through the process, create reports on what was missing, and help us increase efficiency by over 60%. With these cost-cutting measures, we now believe we have the competitive edge when it comes to pricing.

Finally, we just modernized the checkout process, from signing our rental agreements easily from your phone, to using software that allows us to see where every piece of our inventory is. We’ve done everything we can to create a positive experience from using Bolt as a vendor.

These are just a few of the examples of the many things we’ve changed to make us competitive and a great choice as your lighting vendor. We hope you’ll consider using Bolt Lighting Rental for your next project.


Meet Our Leaders


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Ryan Thomas is an LA based director of photography who also helps Bolt stay up to date on the latest trends. Coming from a lighting background himself, he’s worked in the lighting department on a number of popular TV shows and movies. As a Local 728 member, he is the Co-Chair of the Young Workers Committee and is dedicated to making Bolt a good employer for the future. As a result we’re focused on paying good wages and make all of our merchandise in union shops in the USA.

Matthew Stouppe

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Matthew Stouppe is a Bay Area Gaffer with over 9 years in the film industry. He's taught a lot of the new generation of lighting technicians in the Bay Area with his popular workshops, becoming a mentor for many young filmmakers. His years of experience on countless union and non-union productions allows him to know exactly what it takes to shoot your project in the Bay Area.

Hope to help you with your next project!

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